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VERY DISPLAYS LTD further called the Supplier., with registered office and place of business at 17 Boston Road, Gorse Hill Industrial Estate, Leicester, LE4 1AW are trading and acting in line and accordance with the law of England and Wales.


To be referred to as: “VERY DISPLAYS” from here on out.

  • Buyer: Is a trade client of the products offered by VERY DISPAYS and is to be referred to as THE BUYER
  • Agreement: An agreement between VERY DISPLAYS and THE BUYER where VERY DISPLAYS delivers a product or service that is specified in that agreement (SALES ORDER CONFIRMATION).
  • Credit note: A receipt given to THE BUYER by VERY DISPLAYS which can be used to offset future purchases or decrease any outstanding invoices.
  • These general terms and conditions apply to any offer and any initial or follow-up agreement between VERY DISPLAYS and THE BUYER. VERY DISPLAYS has declared these general terms and conditions applicable in all instances unless otherwise stated in writing to adjust or amend these terms and conditions.
  • VERY DISPLAYS reserves the right to amend or supplement these general terms and conditions.
  • THE BUYER’S general terms and conditions do not apply unless VERY DISPLAYS has explicitly consented to this in writing.
  • Supplementary agreements between VERY DISPLAYS and THE BUYER will be set out in an extra agreement document.
  • The products / services offered by VERY DISPLAYS are sold at the prices stated in the most recent price list, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Products referred to in the brochure are for indicative purposes only and may be subject to change completely or slightly – no rights may be derived from them.
  • The prices quoted by VERY DISPLAYS always exclude VAT and transport costs unless stated otherwise in an extra agreement.
  • VERY DISPLAYS will at all times reserve the right to supply its goods in accordance of specific minimum quantities on specific product lines as stated in the latest brochure or price list.
  • VERY DISPLAYS reserve the right to change its prices at any time, if the finance or trade market conditions or production conditions change significantly to what was previously agreed.
  • VERY DISPLAYS trades with clients on a Pro Forma or Credit terms basis depending on the agreement between the particular BUYER and VERY DISPLAYS.
  • Standard credit terms are paid 30 Days from month end subject, satisfactory to client assessment. VERY DISPLAYS reserve the right to request shortened terms and/or pro-forma invoice payment under specific circumstances.
  • Orders with the value over 5000 GDP/EUR will require 50% deposit before manufacturing. Remaining balance should be treated according to THE BUYER’S credit account facility and paid using the specified payment terms listed above or in the agreement made between VERY DISPLAYS and THE BUYER.
  • VERY DISPLAYS reserve the right to outsource collection of outstanding debts or to transfer them to third parties. All litigation costs connected to the collection of outstanding invoices – with a minimum of 15% on the amount to be collected – is payable by THE BUYER.
  • Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, all payments by THE BUYER, in whatever manner effected, will be used to reduce the collection costs, subsequently to reduce the interest due and to reduce the sum of the invoices left unpaid.
  • VERY DISPLAYS have the option to establish a credit limit for THE BUYER. Once the credit limit has been reached, THE BUYER must pay the outstanding amount or part or full before the next order is dispatched, in spite of any agreed payment term not having expired yet. VERY DISPLAYS can engage the services of third parties to determine the credit limit.
  • The products delivered to THE BUYER remain the property of VERY DISPLAYS until THE BUYER has paid the amounts owed in full.
  • VERY DISPLAYS reserve the right to repossess the products delivered to THE BUYER to claim the cost of goods against the Buyer`s outstanding invoices or debt. The debt will be reduced by the value of the goods and 20% of restocking fee will be added. The cost of transport for delivering and/or collecting goods from THE BUYER will be added to the total debt and subject to overall claim.
  • VERY DISPLAYS will raise a credit note for the cost of the repossessed goods, excluding carriage. 20% re-stocking fee may be deducted from the credit note amount. The credit note will be set off against any outstanding debts / invoices of THE BUYER to VERY DISPLAYS.
  • VERY DISPLAYS is entitled to repossess as many products from THE BUYER as needed to satisfy its claim, including interest and costs as stated in the payment terms of these conditions.
  • VERY DISPLAYS provide 1 year, 5 years and LIFE-time guarantees (depending on the product category) on the products you purchase from VERY DISPLAYS starting from the purchase date.
  • VERY DISPLAYS will replace faulty items if the problem were to arise in this guarantee period. VERY DISPLAYS will not take responsibility for damage where there is reason to believe that misuse, neglect or accidental damage has taken place.
  • Guarantee repairs/returns must be returned to VERY DISPLAYS at THE BUYER’S own cost. Please do not return goods without prior authorisation.
  • VERY DISPLAYS provides a manufacturer`s guarantee against manufacturing faults, errors and defects of the materials, parts or complete product that was already present at the time of hand-over. This guarantee does not apply, however, if the usability is restricted by abrasion, improper use or externally occurring forces, particularly flight or transport damage. We advise that transportation damage should be recorded and reported to the carrier and to VERY DISPLAYS in order to gain compensation from the provider.
  • To claim using the guarantee THE BUYER must immediately inform VERY DISPLAYS of any defect within the guarantee period. VERY DISPLAYS will then decide whether the defect is covered by the guarantee. If the defect is covered, you will be asked to send images of the product along with its proof of purchase back to VERY DISPLAYS. The product will then be repaired or replaced, and VERY DISPLAYS will deliver corrected goods back to THE BUYER
  • The cost to return the goods are the responsibility of THE BUYER. If the product is irreparable and is no longer in production, it may be replaced with a comparable successor product. Incidental and consequential damage are not included under this guarantee. The guarantee is limited to the value of the product.
  • If VERY DISPLAYS agrees a guarantee case, claims from this guarantee lapse six months after they have been asserted but not before expiry of the guarantee period.
  • VERY DISPLAYS endeavours to dispatch in-stock items the same day or next day depending on the time of the order from THE BUYER and subject to THE BUYER receiving an order conformation from VERY DISPLAYS. If the items are not in stock or not in full quantity THE BUYER will be notified of the delay.
  • Transit times in the UK as standard are 1-2 working days. Transit time outside of the UK vary and should be agreed at the time of quotation or the order confirmation.
  • Most orders are dispatched within 1 to 5 working days of receiving the order, VERY DISPLAYS will notify THE BUYER of any delay.
  • If THE BUYER is not notified of any delay and haven’t received the items within five days of the dispatch period then please notify VERY DISPLAYS immediately.
  • Prices quoted are ex works and delivery charges are applicable throughout the UK and Europe.
  • If THE BUYER believes the wrong items have been sent then please inform VERY DISPLAYS immediately. If that is the case then VERY DISPLAYS will arrange for collection of the incorrect item(s) and THE BUYER will be sent a replacement order.
  • The goods may be dispatched to THE BUYER without prior warning unless VERY DISPLAYS are warned otherwise. The courier will re-attempt unsuccessful delivery once again the following day should there be no-one available to accept it the first time. If there is no-one to accept the delivery a second time around the items will be returned back to VERY DISPLAYS. In this case THE BUYER will be called to rearrange a delivery date and charged for re-sending the goods.
  • If THE BUYER believes the goods that have been ordered are not in the appropriate condition upon delivery then please insure that the goods are signed for as ‘DAMAGED’.
  • It is THE BUYERS responsibility to ensure the goods signed for are in the correct condition and VERY DISPLAYS are not responsible if the goods are accepted and signed for without stating ‘DAMAGED’ if this is the case.
  • THE BUYER is responsible for arranging and paying for shipping costs for returning any product. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • In the case of a non-conformance please inform your VERY DISPLAYS Account Manager. You may be required to provide images of the non-conformance where possible to assist your sales representative with providing you with the best possible solution.
  • VERY DISPLAYS aims to either replace, discount, refund or correct (via spare parts or amendments) any non-conforming goods as quickly as possible in line with THE BUYER’S requirements.
  • Discounts and refunds will be credited within seven calendar days of agreement to your VERY DISPLAYS credit account. Alternatively, VERY DISPLAYS will initiate the refund or discount to THE BUYER’S credit card or original method of payment.
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